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Freezer and Ice Maker Repair Maintenance Tips

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Manual Defrost Freezer

On manual-defrost refrigerator/freezers, check for frost build up in the freezer. If frost has accumulated on the walls to a thickness of ½ an inch or more, remove all food, turn off the appliance and allow all the frost to melt. Then reset the thermostat and resume normal usage. Be sure not to use any utensils or tools to scrape off the frost, as it is very easy to puncture the evaporator and ruin the refrigerator.

Automatic Defrost Freezer

On self-defrosting refrigerator/freezers, cleans the drain pan underneath the refrigerator that collects water.
Clean the refrigerator cooling fan and the condenser coils. The coils are underneath the refrigerator.
Check the door seals to be sure they are sealing properly against the frame of the refrigerator/freezer. If they are torn, or don’t seal properly, the refrigerator or freezer may not cool properly. This problem is worse when the weather is warmer and more humid. Clean the gaskets and frame with warm soapy water so they don’t stick to the frame.

Inspect the back wall of the freezer for any frost build up. It’s not normal to have any frost on the back wall or floor of a self-defrosting appliance. The presence of frost is normally an indication the self-defrosting system has a problem.

Ice Maker
If you have a built-in ice/water filter, replace the filter approximately every six months.

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