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Stove Repair Services

Enjoying the modern convenience is always luxurious, effective, and efficient until and unless they keep you in trouble. Stoves do not bother you unless they are in need of a proper stove repair and maintenance service. We, Appliance Tech Now, deal with your problematic stoves in such a way that they would be all set again to put the heat back in your kitchen.

We deal with each and every (simple and complex) problem that your stove faces. Some of the common stove problems that we have been fixing effectively since we started our business are:

  • Burner(s) not coming out
  • Indicator lights not turning off
  • Burner of the stove is too hot despite the setting
  • Irritating and unusual sounds
  • Excess use of stove-fuels

Every sorts of problems listed above are so easily solved by the very experienced team of ours. Timelines, on the other hand, is another forte. Call us immediately when you are in need of any kind of stove repair service and we will be there at your service, with no delay done. Beside timeliness and effectiveness, we also have following unique features:

Our Features

  • Reasonable costs and charges
  • Quality management
  • Safety and constructability
  • Coordination
  • Contract and materials management
  • Labor relations
  • Field engineering


For any kind of maintenance and repair service for your stove (of any brand or kind), dial (408) 363-1208  and let us know your problems to get solved with ease. You can also visit our site for getting free quotes.

Along with the stove repair service, we even deal with refrigerator, ice maker, and more of kitchen and household appliances. Get to know more about other services that we offer on our website itself!

Avoid unnecessary costs - Schedule a preventative appliance service and repair maintenance today!

All parts come with a 90 day guarantee!

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