My washer lost it’s ability to spin. I called their office on Monday had an appointment for tues but I had to cancel made another appointment for Wednesday AM. Joe, the Service Mgr was very prompt. diagnosed the problem and removed and replaced the motor coupling and drain pump. It works just like new. This company is a company that people like to do business with, because they know what they are doing, they are prompt, the estimate was correct, Joe cleaned up after the repairs and was on his way. I am washing clothes as this writing.. Thank You Joe!

Ron Keffer

“Thanks for your prompt and thorough service. I was amazed at how little the repair cost. I appreciate your honesty.”

Mel G

“My clothes dry quicker and better than ever, after I decided to get your maintenance on my dryer. Smart move on my part. Thanks,”

Maria Gomez

“Thank you so much for repairing my dishwasher. It has never worked so well. I couldn’t believe how quickly you had everything working again!”

Elizabeth Marbella

My 30+ year old dryer finally died. Joe found the motor to be faulty, and replaced it with a new motor the following week when it came in. He was very pleasant and helpful. I am so pleased that he was able to bring new life to this superbly built old machine, which I was loath to scrap for one of those poor-quality new machines nowadays that has built to last 7-10 years tops. He arrived on time both days, and was extremely pleasant and helpful. Definitely recommend him highly!


“It’s very comforting to know that there is a dependable service in my town. I know if I am ever in a jam, that I can expect a technician to bring help quickly.”

Paul Hodgins.

My 1975 Maytag dryer started making grinding/screeching noises 3 years ago, though it still worked. A Maytag repairman came over and told me this machine is so ancient that there are no parts made for it any more. Not worth fixing, he says, it’s on its last legs, just use it til it dies, which will be any day now. After he left, the noises stopped and the dryer continued to run beautifully for another 3 years, until last week when it truly died. Figuring I’d give it one last try, I called Appliance Tech Now for the “free estimate” they advertised. Joe confirmed my inclination that machines of this vintage are of far better quality than the new ones being made today, which are built cheaply, cost a lot, and need to be replaced every 5-8 years. He explained that he would come out for a diagnosis/estimate, which would cost $60, but that $60 would be applied toward repair cost if we proceed with him. Seems fair to me. He arrived within the time window given. He phoned me on the way to tell me he was leaving his previous job 20 minutes out. He noticed the timer was still ticking even though the motor stopped running, indicating bad motor. He came back a week later to install a new motor, and now my old dryer is back up and running great again. Joe did not even collect the $60 after his first visit, he just charged for his installation service, which was exactly what he estimated, less $10 discount. For a fraction of the cost of a new dryer, I now have a machine that I trust will last me another 36 years. Joe was prompt, courteous, professional, and I will not hesitate to call him next time we have an appliance issue.